First Post Ramblings

I’ve heard that the first blog post is often the hardest, so I’ve decided to just ramble…hopefully something coherent will come of it!

Welcome to CheeseViking Games! I’m Geoff, the founder and chief errand boy of this 1 man show. I’ve been playing games my whole life, starting with family game nights of Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble..all the “classics”. I started playing Magic the Gathering in 1995 and played it through high school, college, and well into the real world. The money and time sink it became eventually caught up with me though.

College also introduced me to many things, but for the purposes of this blog, I’ll focus on Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan. They were great games but I played them rather infrequently. The big “Aha!” moment came in 2010 when I was introduced to Ticket to Ride through my MTG buddies. I was hooked.

In 2014 I started kicking around the idea of developing my own games, but didn’t take it too seriously. Game development was a good way to blow off steam and unwind after a long day. I started working on a fireman themed game drawing inspiration from the prisoner’s dilemma and a cops and robbers themed deck builder with some unusual ways to collect cards. They were good starts, but very clunky. This was about the same time I started paying attention to all the games coming out on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. The gears were fully turning…

Fast forward to January 2016- I took the plunge and formed a company. I want to initially focus on card games and games with minimal components.  My fireman idea evolved into a game about feeding animals in a zoo (aptly named Zookeeper for the time being), and a new press your luck type of game about making and delivery pizzas took root.  I made an effort to get prototypes done and played as soon as possible.

So far I’m having a blast and I hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride as I try to take Zookeeper and Pizza Express from fun, quirky, stress relief to a reality that people can enjoy!

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