Coalition Game Studios

Exciting news! 
My good friend Mike has started Coalition Game Studios, a full service board game design consultation service. I’m proud to have signed on as a playtesting consultant. 

Here’s Mike in his own words describing Coalition Game Studios. I can’t wait to see how far this goes. 

So, what is Coalition Game Studios?

I’m Mike Mihealsick, and Coalition Game Studios is my dream.  I believe that tabletop game design is a beautiful thing, bridging the gap between science and art, between understanding and expression, and between innovation and tradition.  Our mission is to ally ourselves with game designers everywhere, lending our methods and experienced teams to guide prototypes to reality in any way we can.

To this ends, we provide a wide range of services for game designers and publishers–including logged blind playtesting, satisfaction surveying, quality assurance reports, collaborative consulting, and rules manual copy editing.  You send us your prototype (or have us assemble a copy), we test it at the indicated depth, and we present you with the information and expert feedback you request.  Whether you want to bounce your early iteration off of an experienced designer, or you want a spreadsheet of survey data and critical evaluation for your final iteration, the Coalition is in your corner.

As we move forward from Open Beta in the next two months, we are looking for ways to expand our services to better satisfy our clients.  We currently have a pair of researchers working on compiling a psychographic profiling system that can be used to measure a game’s appeal across gamers with different motivations.  We are even working to build a network of publishers, so that when we receive a remarkable prototype, we can pass it on (with your permission) to scouts in search of that type of game.

If you have any questions about our services, check out our website,  We’re looking forward to taking your game to the next level.

Designer Mark Mistretta has submitted his game, Rival Lands, for playtesting and consultation and I”m excited to take the lead on it!

Rival Lands is a competitive dice and card adventure game in which players take on the role of one of five rivals who are patrolling the undiscovered lands of the kingdom, vanquishing creatures and exploring the depths of the lands to gain experience. Upgrade your adventurer with more dice representing attack, magic, and explore skills and purchase equipment enhancements. Use your special powers to mess with your opponents or further your agenda. Do your best to gain the admiration of the King and he will reward you. The player who earns the most experience throughout the game is declared the winner.

Sounds pretty cool and ticks off a lot of popular mechanics. I can’t wait to play.

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