Streaming on Twitch!

Hey everyone, just a quick update. I’m going to consistently update the blog once a month until we get closer to actually manufacturing and producing a game.

I’ve started streaming some online board games on Twitch. You can watch here. The stream is still a work in progress, but we’ll get there! Right now I’ll be playing games on Board Game Arena and in my Steam library.

But more importantly, I’ve wrapped up my super secret confidential consultation for Coalition Game Studios. It was a big of a time sink, but now that’s it’s done I can return to focusing on my own creations.  I really enjoy working on these games and I strongly feel that they are honing my game development skills. I’m spotting potential problem areas much earlier in my design process now.
Practice makes perfect!

I’ve also agreed to help Mike, from Coalition Game Studios, further develop his newest idea. It’s been stuck in a rut and a fresh set of eyes and thoughts can only be good. He’s got some exciting ideas and is much better at this than I am. Stay tuned for more exciting details on Fires of Kiluenya!

Bake It! (or Ready, Set, Bake!) is next on the surgeon’s table. This one got put on the shelf as I had other things going on, but now that I have more time, it’s ready to come down and join the party! Well, not yet. The game isn’t quite playable in it’s current state, but I really like the ideas and mechanics.  Mike suggested starting with a simpler premise and removing the in game baking timer. It’s a good place to try a fresh start, but I really liked the timer idea and would love to fit it in intuitively.

Our two player game, formally Riddle of the Sphinx, got a graphics re-haul to match the new theme of deciphering and alien language found on an empty floating space ship. It’s being blind play-tested right now and is still the closest game ready for publication. Riddle of the Stars (tentative name) should be ready for crowdfunding in January!

That’s it for this month’s update, but don’t be a stranger!
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