Last Week on Stream #1

Well…it took awhile but we’re back and we’re blogging. I’ve been streaming more consistently at CheeseViking Games and wanted to wrap up every week with a new segment of what’s going on with the stream. As always, following on Twitch is the best way to see me play live and really helps me out a ton. We’ve got a good community slowly building too, so stop by and have some fun!

Behind the Scenes: I’m working on making the stream experience more fun and professional for the myself and the viewers. I created some new scenes and commands in StreamLabs OBS, updated my channel profile, and failed to get tunes going on stream. Something to work on this week.

7/16 Mario Monday – Mario Party 2: We successfully navigated Luigi through the perils and mysteries of Mystery Land. It was our closest game of MP:2 yet, winning by just 1 star! We had to overcome Mario’s 3 randomly found Stars using the bonus stars, but came away the victor with the Coin Star, Mini Game Star, and a share of the Happening Star.

Design Lessons: Mario Party is a fun game, but as far as “modern designer” board games go, it’s a pretty rubbish design. It’s a roll and move: a hated mechanic that removes most decisions and just adds randomness. The Happening Spaces have random effects based on the map, and there are random ways to lose all your coins. The mini games are the best part, but almost all the Battle Games are random chance as well. There are some interested mechanics in a few mini games that could be applied or incorporated into board or card games.
Honeycomb Havoc could be tweaked into a set collection game or used as a way to receive resources in a larger game. It’s an idea I will be exploring!

7/19 Thursday – Lords of Waterdeep and Cafe International
Lords of Waterdeep is a fairly straightforward worker placement game set in the Dungeons&Dragons universe. You recruit 4 different adventurers: Wizards (purple cubes), Warriors (orange cubes), Clerics (white cubes), and Rogues (black cubes) to complete quests to gain victory points, gold, and occasionally more cubes. Place a Meeple on a space, recruit adventurers, receive gold, build a building (adds another action space to the board and gives you a benefit), or reserve a quest to complete. We played LoWD 3 times, winning once. One of my followers purchased Lords of Waterdeep after watching me stream. That’s mind blowing.

Cafe International is an absurdly themed tile placement game with interested mechanics. It is actually one of my favorite games, despite the caricaturey art. You are in charge of seating international men and women at tables, but they can only set at their own nation’s table. 2 men cannot be at the same table without a lady, and 2 ladies can’t be at the same table without a man. Seats at tables overlap, making tile placement interesting. The digital version has some altered scoring and some hidden information while the physical board game has 100% open information apart from drawing new guests each turn, which is refreshing and challenging for a tile laying game. This leads to a very strategic game but can also lead to analysis paralysis. It even won the Spiel Des Jahres in 1989!

7/20 Friday – Had to fix a flat tire on the way home and was too drained afterwards to stream. I received beta access to MTG Arena and was planning on showing that, but I read that the servers crashed Friday night, so not sure how great that stream would have been!

Sneak Peek: Next week we’ll be guiding Luigi on one final adventure in Mario Party 2, taking on the last and most difficult map, Horror Land. Some MiniGame Coaster fun if there’s time. MTG Arena and board games on Thursday and Friday. Possible weekend streams!

50 Follower Update: 39/50. When we hit 50 Followers, we’ll play some JackBox Party Games with the chat!

Stay tuned to the blog for reviews and musings every Tuesday and a weekly stream roundup on Sundays. Follow me on Twitch to get in on the fun every Monday, Thursday, and Friday!

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