Last Week on Stream #4

Running a little behind this week on blog posts. I have thoughts on the new “Unique Game” style of game design, but the post is not ready.

A short streaming week for CheeseViking Games. I delved into Paper Mario: Color Splash on Wii U in search of design inspiration and streamed another interactive game night with Chat.

Mario Monday 8/6: Design Lessons from Paper Mario Color Splash
I love the N64 Paper Mario games but haven’t really kept up with the franchise. Color Splash continues the excellent dialogue and humor of the franchise, but also brings resource and card management to the table. In Paper Mario: Color Splash, Mario is tasked with retrieving Color Stars to restore a fantastic fountain. Armed with a hammer and his trusty bucket of paints, he travels the land battling enemies and painting surroundings. The resource management aspect is minute. Nearly everything you interact with gives you paint. Painting walls, benches, and color drained Toads gives Mario coins and battle cards. The combat system is annoying and slow, but the management of your battle cards does remind me of hand management card games on the tabletop.

There is also a very unique “dimension” bending mechanic that would be out of this world to attempt in a board game. Mario can interact with certain paper backgrounds by jumping into a new dimension and cutting them out of the game. This introduces a nice puzzle solving aspect to the game and reminded me that thinking outside the box is a good thing.

Thursday 8/9: Interactive Dice Game Night
I attempted another chat interaction game based on how much fun we had playing Codenames. Since roll and writes are experiencing a quiet rise in popularity, I planned to share Qwixx, Rolling America, and Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game, all of which I have blogged about recently.

Unfortunately, Chat interaction wasn’t in the cards (dice rolls?). I rolled through a few games of Qwixx, explaining the rules and throwing out options on each roll, but no one bit. I scored my highest score ever with 143 and 2 terrible scores in the 60s. I’ll revisit this idea once I have some more followers and consistent interaction because I believe the formula works and would provide a unique and interactive gaming experience for everyone.

Friday 8/10: No Stream, Ninja Sex Party and TWRP concert. TWRP’s concert was perfectly time, as my spirits were instantly lifted. I was feeling a little bummed that the live dice games idea fell flat, but rocking out to TWRP and Ninja Sex Party gave me renewed energy to try new things.

Followers: 57/100 Slowly inching towards 100!
Subscribers: 0 Time to let people know they can subscribe! If you have Amazon Prime, you get a free Twitch subscription every month. You get these awesome emotes made by HeartBoardGames if you subscribe to my channel. Board gaming on Twitch is very niche, but there are some great streamers and I’m eager to help build the community as my stream improves. Your subscriptions would help a ton and mean the world to me! Help me build up the community by sharing these emotes all over Twitch!

Sneak Peak
I may play Paper Mario: Color Splash some more off stream. The dialogue is hilarious, but the battle system is a little repetitive and get stale. The dimension hopping idea is neat, but the game play of that section is only on the Wii U Game Pad and doesn’t get captured on stream. It would be fun to play casually. Since I’m a little off schedule this week, we’ll skip Mario Monday. See you all for board games on Thursday and Friday! I’ll be running through my Steam and Android games.

Stay tuned to the blog for reviews and musings every Tuesday and a weekly stream roundup on Sundays. Follow me on Twitch to get in on the fun every Monday, Thursday, and Friday!

More information on each game can be found on Board Game Geek

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