New Board Game Videos Uploaded "Daily" to YouTube

Oh, hi there!

It’s been busy and I haven’t blogged as much, but there’s plenty of new CheeseViking Games content to check out on my YouTube Channel! Catch up on games you’ve missed live on Twitch in easy to consume 15-20 minute chunks.

I have big plans for the the videos and the blog to work in harmony in the future. I’d like to write up session reports for each Sentinels of the Multiverse Weekly One Shot, Smash Up, and other games we play on stream. Adding that thematic element of diving into the characters and environment could be really fun! It is National Wrtier’s Month after all!

Stay tuned for updates on this project. The games are fun to play and the videos are a blast to make, but they are time consuming. I also started a video project for reviewing rule books that has been fun.

If you’ve missed the streams lately, we’ve been playing a lot of virtual pinball tables, Yoku’s Island Express, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Smash Up.
Here’s a taste of what you’ve missed!

I’ve even created handy-dandy playlists for board games and pinball, so you really have no excuse for not checking out these games 😉

Keep playing games!
Follow me on Twitch to get in on the fun every Monday, Thursday, and Friday!
More information on each game can be found on Board Game Geek

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