PB Fridays!

Hey everyone, just a quick update today. After 2 years of enjoying and participating in the Retro community on Twitch, I’ve decided to try speedrunning games!
You can check out my

Speedrun Banner(1)
And an archive of the runs on

YouTube Banner

Every Friday, starting in February, I’m going to try to improve my PB, or “Personal Best” times for each game I’m running or fully learn a new game and set a first PB to be smashed later! Currently, I’m running:

My Speedrunning page will be updated with the best runs, but you can catch all the learning, failures, close calls and near misses AND participate in chat during the PB run LIVE on Twitch.

I’m also throwing my hat into RetroGamingLiveTV’s Retrothon event with a 3 way race of Ninja Spirit with Baldnate and TheBigMike1983

Speedrunning has been really fun and exciting so far and I’m glad I finally took the plunge. If you’ve ever considered starting a new hobby, speedrunning or otherwise…

just do it

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And don’t worry, you can still find CheeseViking Games playing board and card games on Twitch!

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