Last Week on Stream #6 – Pinball and Printing

Time to get back to weekly recaps of the stream! Don’t forget, you can follow me on Twitch for LIVE game play!

02-04-19 to 02-10-19 was a busy week, but I fired up some Ninja Spirit PB attempts for PB Fridays I had a few 20-30 second PB pace runs get ruined by all the enemy overload on Stage 6 and the Ninja Pit of Death. I can feel the sub 10:30 right around the corner! Check out the current PB

Lazy pinball streams were the name of the game on Saturday and Sunday. Friend of the Stream TheBigMike1983 gifted me some expansion tables to Pinball FX3, so I took them out for a spin. Check out the 5 minute challenge for Wild West Rampage and Pasha. Thanks to all the new followers during pinball, I finally broke the 70 follower barrier!

Sunday morning was also a 3D printing stream. I experiment with some camera angles while reliving nostalgia with Heroes of Might and Magic II. The Merchant from Slay The Spire printed off beautifully!

The Merchant from Slay The Spire by MegaCrit Games

Stay tuned for a return to weekly stream recaps and follow me on Twitch for more content on board games, video games, and 3D printing. 2019 is going to be an exciting year!

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