Last Week on Stream #7: Slay The Spire Ascension Mode

02-11-19 to 02-17-19

I didn’t have too much time this week to stream. PB Friday didn’t happen but I did finally unlock Ascension Mode for the three main characters in Slay The Spire. In Ascension mode, you have the choice to search for 3 keys during the game. They pop up as choices in campfires, meaning you can’t heal or upgrade a card, a treasure chest, meaning you forego a relic, or as a reward from an Elite fight. If you collect all 3 of the optional keys, you unlock Act 4 of Slay The Spire.

What’s in Act 4, you may ask? Why, THE CORRUPT HEART itself! You know, the heart at the end of every run. Victory? It’s not true victory until you take out the Heart of the Spire, the source of all its evil. Check out my first attempt to truly beat the game.

Easier said than done. Act 4 starts you off at a campfire with full health, so you get a free chance to upgrade a card. There’s also a Merchant, so plan your gold carefully for one last purchase.

Right before the boss fight, there’s a new Elite with a mechanic that hasn’t been seen in previous Acts…Surrounded. I made some poor choices and took a lot of damage in this fight, but managed to squeak through and approach the Heart. Trouble is, there’s no campfire so your HP is your HP and the elite fight is brutal.

The Heart itself is unique. You can only deal 300 damage to it a turn, to prevent infinite damage shenanigans and loops. It also smacks you for 7×12 damage on it’s second move.

…7×12! How do you beat that! It will be fun to experiment and try.

Follow me on Twitch to participate in the action, the learning, and the brutal defeats at the hands(?) of The Corrupt Heart!

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