2019 Retrothon hosted by RetroGamingLiveTV

The awesome folks over at RetrogamingLiveTv are hosting Retrothon, a week-long celebration of all things Retro speedrunning April 21-April 28.

See any familiar names on the schedule? BigJon’s runs are going to be off the chain, but I’m excited for everyone involved and will be watching as much as I can!
I am also shocked and excited to be participating in the Ninja Spirit race with current WR holder and friend of the stream Baldnate and all around good guy TheBigMike1983. Anything can happen in a race!

I am floored that Donald Duck and The Magic Cap was accepted into the event. I am nervous, excited, and overwhelmed to be part of the Disney Block Saturday, April 27th morning. Relive your Saturday morning Disney Cartoons with all these great runs!

PB Fridays will be focused on Ninja Spirit and Donald Duck until I feel comfortable enough to not look like a complete fool during the marathon…so right up until it starts!

Follow CheeseVIking Games on Twitch
Catch all the practice LIVE on Twitch!

This event is going to be amazing for everyone. RGL TV continues to knock it out of the park with building and contributing to a positive retro gaming community on Twitch. Mark your calendars!
Which runs are you pumped up for?

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