Last Week on Stream #8: New Board Game and a New Personal Best

02-18-19 to 02-24-19

North Star Digital Studios’s port of Evolution is spectacular. I’m streaming the campaign mode on Twitch with the archives safe and sound on the Let’s Play Board Games YouTube Playlist!

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Evolution is an excellent card management game where you grow you species and population by feeding and learning new traits. Adapting to the different strategies is key, and it’s great to feel one step ahead of everyone in the food chain. There’s opportunity for cool card combos as well as bluffing which traits your creature might learn. Think an herbivore is ready to take the leap to carnivore? Well, you better make sure it knows how to climb to get the herbivores with the climbing trait. There’s a great back and forth in the feeding phase. This game is a real winner and the digital port is awesome.


Want to learn how to play? Check out the Basic and Advanced Traits Tutorials on the Board Games Tutorial Playlist!

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I also achieved my PB Goal in Ninja Spirit with a 10:25! The Ninja Pit of Death and the final Demon stopped a potential 9:40, so I know sub 10 is right around the corner. I’m feeling more confident every day for the Retrothon race against Baldnate and TheBigMike1983 on April 21st! Now it’s time to work on Donald Duck and The Magic Cap!

Tune into Twitch and follow for more Evolution, more board games, and speedrunning PB attempts!

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