Last Week on Stream #11 Nintendo Switch!

Last week I finally caved and picked up a Nintendo Switch, courtesy to the Mar10 (Mario Day) sales. Naturally, I had to share my experiences on

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First up, a Let’s Play of the first 7 levels of World 1 of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The Rabbids franchise never appealed to me growing up, but this game is a blast to play. The tactical battles feel like a board game, and there’s plenty of room for strategy with the weapon upgrades and team member selection. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will remain a casual staple on the stream!

Tetris 99 is an incredible concept. Who knew Tetris needed a battle royale genre?! Tetris 99 plays like classic Tetris with a few twists. There is a “hold piece” mechanic that allows you to store a piece and retrieve it later. This has been in previous Tetris games, but Tetris 99 was my first experience with it. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s a battle royale game! Who knew Tetris needed a battle royale mode? You compete against 98 other plays (hence Tetris 99!) . Clearing lines allows you to throw junk pieces at your opponents, either randomly or by choice. It is a little challenging to focus on your patterns as well as picking the best target to throw junk at, so I liked to leave the targeting system on random. When you screen fills up with Ttetriminos, you lose…but it’s not so bad. Just hop into the round and try again. My best finish is 6th place while my worst is a pathetic 95th. Check out the brutal Tetris massacre below!

Sub 10 Ninja Spirit gets closer and closer! On PB Friday, I threw away a sub 10 by picking up the wrong weapon upgrade on the final boss. Still, we got a PB of 10:11, but it was a very frustrating PB. Unfortunately, I had some audio technical problems during the whole stream, and managed to accidentally turn off the game audio for the run. With Sub 10 being so close, I’m going to hold off on uploading this video and focus on hitting the goal! Donald Duck continued his quest to buy Daisy a hat in Donald Duck no Mahou no Boushi/Donald Duck and the Magic Cap, but the run was garbage and nowhere close to a personal best. I will need more practice and more repetition to put on a good show for Retrothon in April.

Saturday Morning Board Games is becoming a staple. We learned how to play Indian Summer by Uwe Rosenberg and a quick refresher on how to play Galaxy Trucker. A couple of Let’s Plays of Istanbul and Smash Up wrapped up the nearly 4 and a half hour stream. Galaxy Trucker and Indian Summer tutorials are up on
Tutorial Banner


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These board game streams are really fun. If you are ever curious to see a new game in action before you make your purchasing decision, swing by the stream to see if I’ve played. I’ll gladly give you my opinion and point you to some videos to give you a better idea on how the game works. I enjoyed Uwe Rosenberg’s earlier tile-laying game, Patchwork, but Indian Summer fell flat for me. The digital interface was also a little confusing, which was disappointing. Digidiced did such a great job with The Castles of Burgundy port, but Indian Summer left me lacking.  If I had seen the game in action,  I may have realized the game was different than what I was expecting. I applaud Uwe Rosenberg and think he is a brilliant designer, but I was expecting something closer to Patchwork and Indian Summer drifter too far for me. Check out the Tutorial to see if it’s a game you will enjoy!

As always, the best place to see the game streams are LIVE on Twitch. Log on and follow today!

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