3D Printing Week 1

02-04-19 to 02-10-19
I experimented with the test cube that comes preloaded on the printer, some Twitch emotes, and The Merchant from Slay The Spire

CheeseViking Games Emote

Aphotic_Ktulu Emote


This week I learned that the designs really stick to the print bed. I’ve waited hours and, in the case of the CheeseViking disc, a whole day before being able to dislodge it and continue printing. As you can see on the stand alone logo, most of the cheese holes got stuck when removing the print. This is an issue I will have to look into. Twitter recommends rubbing a glue stick on the print area before printing, so I’ll give that a try next time. I really like the token feel with the icons printed on them! Here is the Thingiverse link for The Merchant.

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