Ninja Spirit

Ninja Spirit is an exciting platforming game on the TurboGrafx 16. I did not grow up with the TG16 but I’ve been converted! The system has great graphics for it’s time and reminds me of a bridge between the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

NEW PB: 10:11! on 03-15-19. Unfortunately, the video has some audio problems so I have not uploaded. I know sub-10 is right there, I threw it away on this run by picking up the wrong power up on the final boss. Next PB video will be under 10 minutes!

Ninja Spirit has excellent movement, challenging platforming sections, some really cheap enemies to watch out for, and is can be run in about 10-12 minutes once you learn it.

New PB – finally got my sub 10 run!

Running a game and improving your execution is a fantastic part of speedrunning, but I also enjoy exploring new ideas and strategies. Check out my Ninja Spirit Boss Fight Comparison Video where I test new tactics.

Ninja Spirit for TG-16 Any% NEW PB from PB Fridays! 02-22-19 in 10:25. A 30 second improvement but still 9th place on the Ninja Spirit page The Ninja Pit of Death stole a sub 10 run from me, so I know it’s right around the corner! I hope this sparks a challenge with friend of the stream TheBigMike1983 and we both improve!

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