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Ninja Spirit Any% for TG-16
Pac-Man Pinball Advance 100 Pac-Dots for GBA
Dr Mario 0-10 for NES

Ninja Spirit for TG-16 Any% in 10:58. 9th place on the Ninja Spirit page I hope this sparks a challenge with friend of the stream TheBigMike1983 and we both improve!

Pac-Man Pinball Advance for GameBoy Advance in 16:04. This was a disappointing pinball game. The controls are awful and the 100 Pac-Dots goal on each table seemed more arbitrary than most speedrun categories. I probably won’t try to improve this one, just wasn’t that fun to play. Good for 2nd place and easily beatable by any who want to try!

Dr. Mario 0-10 in 22:37. I can do better but this was a fun start to speedrunning!Good enough for 40th place on the Dr. Mario Leaderboards

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